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The Creation of Barney Google

If there was ever a group of American soldiers who would seem fated to suffer lifelong post-traumatic stress, it was the band of 566 Vietnam veterans who endured brutal mental and physical torment during the Vietnam War in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Power & Predictability, Part 2

As we turn the attention towards the field, there are a couple of focuses that can be applied to pitching…

Power & Predictability, Part 1

In the summer of 1940, one year after the United Kingdom officially entered WWII, German commanders hatched a plot to break the will of the British people. The plan was strategic and simple; every night for 57 consecutive evenings, hundreds of Nazi planes would shower their bombs over London with ultimate goal of a British surrender. While the Nazi bombing ruined the city of London, their plan did nothing to impact the psyche of the people living there. How could this be?